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The Best Days Of Your Life:
The #1 request I get from members of the Radiant Me Community is:

More Delicious, Easy, Filling and Healthy Recipes!

So for the last year I worked with a chef to come up with over 100 new recipes... and all of my best insights into how to eat delicious foods, and still be the Best, Healthiest, Most Confident version of yourself! 
Here's What I REALLY Think About "Diets"
Let’s be clear about one thing: I don't believe in hardcore, restriction diets.

Sure, I could help you score an “easy win” by simply cutting your calories, or eliminating all of your carbs…

…but the problem with any restrictive diet is that as soon as you get off it, the pounds often come roaring back.
That’s why any eating plan I suggest is NOT about restricting yourself, or leaving your it to "willpower".

No, when you put the right calories in your body, at the right times of day, everything changes.
  • ​You’ll be burning the calories you eat for fuel, instead of storing them as fat
  • You won’t be spiking your blood sugar levels, so you won’t experience the dreaded “post-meal crash” 
  • ​You’ll feel fuller for longer, and you won’t find yourself overcome with cravings
  • ​You’ll be lowering your blood pressure… which means a healthier heart for all the days ahead
  • ​Your body won’t have an inflammatory response to your diet, so you can expect clearer thinking, more energy, and even brighter skin
In short, you’ll look better, and feel better, and live better.

That's why I'm so excited to introduce you to...
Radiant Clean:
Healthy Radiant Eating For Life
I created Radiant Clean to make it easy for you to keep up the healthy eating that you started on the 14-Day Reset.

So yes, you’ll find dozens of new recipes in Radiant Clean. I’ll tell you all about them shortly.

But Radiant Clean is so much more than a recipe book… it’s a full training program on healthy eating, cooking and living a healthy lifestyle.

Because as sad as it is to say, our society just hasn’t taught us how to eat right.

(need proof? How about our obesity epidemic, our heart disease rates, or the sheer number of people who’ve been stricken with diabetes?)

As you now know, I myself was led horribly off course. At 22, my cholesterol levels were through the roof, my digestion was awful, and my doctor told me I was testing positive for hypothyroidism. 

And I’ve found myself having to give gentle advice to countless women in the Radiant Me community…

…women who are sabotaging their own bodies, despite their very best intentions.

That’s why…
Radiant Clean Won't Just 
Give You The Proverbial Fish...
It'll Teach You How To Fish (For Healthy Meals!)
For example, I’ll help you understand how the different foods you put in your body are affecting your energy levels, your digestion, and your weight.

This is going to demystify the whole “I wonder if I should buy this?” confusion at the grocery store.

Speaking of the grocery store, I’ll give you all of the “pantry staples” you’ll want to stock up on. Everything from spices and garnishes that make any meal tastier, to my go-to snacks and treats.
I’ll also tell you the “danger foods and ingredients” that you should absolutely avoid. Many of these are marketed as “healthy options,” but your body hates them.

I’ll show you how to adjust to your new eating habits… and how to make sure that your family and friends are onboard. As I’m sure you know, it’s just about impossible to make a big change if your loved ones are resisting it!
And regarding resistance, I’ll tell you how to handle social situations where you’re being pushed to order the heaviest thing on the menu. As women, we’re often pressured to accept things against our will, but there is a graceful and tactful way to say “thanks, but no thanks.”

So whether you’re eating in, or enjoying a dinner out, you’ll be able to make the right choices.
I’ll show you when and how to “indulge” and I’ll even show you how to modify some of your favorite unhealthy treats, so you can enjoy them, guilt-free! 

Hellooooo chips and desserts ;)

I’ll show you when and how to “indulge” and I’ll even show you how to modify some of your favorite unhealthy treats, so you can enjoy them, guilt-free! 

Hellooooo chips and desserts ;)

Radiant Clean Will Help You Commit To...
And Stick With...
This Healthy New Lifestyle That Creates Results!
My goal is for healthy cooking and eating to become automatic for you… the default option and the easy choice every time you sit down to eat.

That’s why it was so important for me to eliminate any roadblocks that might get in your way.

And it’s just as important that the recipes be absolutely delicious!
If you’ve got a fully, happy belly every time you finish a meal, it’s going to be a lot easier to stick to your eating plan. And “guilty temptations” will stop tempting you… in fact, they won’t even cross your mind.
I know, hard to believe, but just give me a few weeks to prove it to you! I’m extremely confident that, just like me, you’ll think that…
The Recipes Are The BOMB!
I’ve designed these recipes to be extremely flexible, so you’re not locked into strict breakfast, lunch and dinner schedules.

Instead, you get to choose what sounds appealing to you! I believe that it is important for you to enjoy what you eat so we create a positive associating with healthy eating. 

It is very simple...each recipe in the book has a symbol next to it which lets you know what time of the day I recommend you eating it. 

For example, you’ll be find “breakfast hearts” next to meals like…
Protein Pancakes
Sweet Potato Avocado Toast
Peach Protein 
Smoothie Bowl
Then we’ll head to the “stars” for lunch, where you’ll be eating…
Steak Fajitas
The Goddess Bowl
Spaghetti Squash with Turkey Bolognese
Of course, you’ll be over the “moon” about your dinners…
Cauliflower Fried Rice
Pork Chops & 
Sautéed Greens
Zucchini Boats
And I haven’t left out the snacks! You’ll find flowers symbols for the “in between” meals like…
Frozen Yogurt Bites
Radish Chips
Avocado Deviled Eggs
Some recipes are “breakfast only,” or “lunch and dinner exclusives,” while you could make others at any time of the day.

So you’ll have the flexibility to eat what you want, when you want.

And we’re barely even scratching the surface here!  All told, Radiant Clean has over 60 recipes… so you’ll never run out of delicious, satisfying, healthy choices. 

Oh, and because I know you’re busy (who isn’t?)… 

You Can Make These Meals In 30 Minutes Or Less...Even If You're Cooking For The Family!
And they’re super simple. You’ll have no problem following the easy steps…

Even if you don’t know the difference between coriander and a colander (I didn't).

Even if you couldn’t butterfly a fish fillet to save your life (I sure can't)....

Even if you really don’t like cooking!

(ummm, that last one describes ME! There are a million things I’d rather be doing than cooking, so that’s why I designed these recipes to be EASY + QUICK!)
In fact, I’ve had members tell me that their kids love to get involved in cooking these meals. 

And that makes me so happy, because there’s no time to teach them healthy eating habits like when they’re young!
(by the way, I’ll show you exactly how I do my weekly meal prep, so I’m not spending time every day thinking “oh gosh, what do I have to make tonight?”)

The fact is...
Food Should Be Something That You Love...
Something You Enjoy...
Something That Makes You Feel Good!
It’s one of life’s great pleasures, and with everything you’ll discover in Radiant Clean, it can be a pleasure that you feel great about.

Radiant Clean is going to help you look and feel your best, without starving yourself.
It will help you feel less bloated, and improve digestion (chances are you’ll become much more “regular,” too!)

Your cravings will plummet, and your skin will get brighter and clearer. 

And your energy levels will shoot up, and remain high throughout the day.
That’s what the right daily eating can do for you, and I’m putting my reputation on the line to make it happen for you.
Get Radiant Clean Today For A 25% Discount!
We're doing a sale today, yayyyyyyyy... and since you're here with me during this special, limited time, it's discount time :)

So for our short sale period, you can get Radiant Clean for only $39.96!

When the sale is over, I'll raise the price back to $59.97, and trust me… even at that price, it’s sooooo worth it, to learn how to eat healthy for life.

But you've got absolutely no reason to wait, because...
Radiant Clean Is Covered By
My One-Year Guarantee
That means that you can get it today, at its very lowest price, and you'll have a full 365 days to read it, cook it, and live it.

And you know the drill... if you don't think it's awesome, then it's simple to get a refund.
…all you have to do is call, or send us an email, and my Customer Happiness team will be happy to issue you a no-hassle refund.

(and don’t worry, my feelings won’t be hurt!)

But I don’t think that’s going to be your experience. I think you’re going to love it so much that it becomes a huge part of your lifestyle.

I think you’re going to be teaching these tips and recipes to your friends, family, and coworkers (believe me, they’re going to be asking what you’re doing to stay so lean and healthy!).
A Leaner Body.
A Happy, Satisfied Belly,
Way More Energy and Clarity.
And So Much More... For Life!
Look, you have to eat. This isn’t something that’s optional!

And since you do it at least three times a day, it only makes sense to do it right.

Not just to look better. 

And not even just to feel better.

But to live a longer, cleaner, more beautiful life.

I spent over a year creating Radiant Clean, to give you everything you need to eat right.
And with my guarantee, you’ve got the next year to try it out, and see just how much it improves your life.

So get it going today, for a price you’ll never see again, and get ready for some amaaaaaaazing eating!

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